Business Sectors

Stamford’s strong employment opportunities are one of the driving forces in attracting young talent. While Stamford has a diverse mix of employment sectors, some of the major ones include finance and real estate, technology, management and consulting, digital media, and healthcare. Very often, the companies are found in clusters based on sector type. This allows for a more collaborative work environment conducive to sharing ideas and business growth. 

Major Companies by Sector


Briefcase  Professional Services

Professional services typically provide information technology, consulting, marketing, legal, tax and accounting services for companies and individuals. All major consulting companies have offices within the city, providing services to the many headquarters located in Stamford.

United Rentals

construction  Manufacturing, Commodities, & Industry

Stamford has long been known as a manufacturing city with major factories of Yale and Towne Locks, Pitney Bowes, CBS Laboratories, and Clariol. In recent years the city has pivoted towards cleaner, high-tech manufacturing and is a global hub for commodities trading.

Hotel Front Desk

Luggage  Hospitality & Coworking Spaces

Given Stamford’s large corporate presence, it’s frequented by individuals on business trips. With hotels for every budget and taste, plus convenient rental car services and public transportation, business trips are a pleasure instead of a chore. Stamford also has many coworking and short-term offices available for lease.