Hiring, Training, and Other Employer Resources

CT Apprenticeship Training Programs

Apprenticeships programs are administered by the Office of Apprenticeship Training within the State of Connecticut’s Department of Labor. In an apprenticeship, an employee voluntarily enters into a mutual agreement with an employer regarding training. Businesses that train apprentices in the manufacturing trades may be eligible for a credit against their corporate taxes.

American Job Centers

A system that seeks to provide assistance to businesses as well as to those that are seeking employment. The American Job Center in Stamford is open throughout the work week and offers walk-in appointments.

The WorkPlace

An organization that provides employee training to address the workforce challenges employers face in Southwestern Connecticut. The WorkPlace offers more than 1,442 programs of study offered by 70 eligible training providers in order to help employers obtain qualified labor.

Education & Training ConneCTion

A database that provides employees and employers with education & training providers for specific regions of Connecticut, programs/courses, and occupations.

Connecticut Reemployment Portal

An online portal for job seekers that displays occupations with similar characteristics to those of a selected occupation.

Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA)

A program that offers job training, income support, job search, relocation allowances, and wage supplements to some reemployed workers over the age of 50 that have been hurt by the effects of foreign trade. These benefits are provided at no expense to employers.

Welfare to Work

A program that seeks to provide employment to recipients of public assistance. Employers of individuals hired through Welfare to Work can earn tax credits worth up to $2,400 per qualified individual hired.

Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA)

A federal law that provides funds to states to help job seekers, workers, and businesses with career services, job training, and education. The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act also seeks to match employers with the skilled workers they need.


A database that enables job seekers to search for employment opportunities and employers to search for qualified workers.

CT Labor Market Information

An online resource that provides labor market statistics and data for cities, counties, and regions within Connecticut.

Office of Workforce Competitiveness

An agency that advises the Governor on workforce development policy. The objective of the Office of Workforce Competitiveness is to ensure that industry’s projected job growth needs are met by qualified employees in Connecticut.

Job Corps

A free education and vocational training program that offers vocational and academic training to people ages 16 through 24 that are looking to enter the workforce.

Stamford Cradle to Career

The Stamford Cradle to Career partnership develops and increases the number of young adults ready to join a skilled workforce by preparing every child, every step of the way--from cradle to career. United Way serves as the backbone entity for this work in Stamford.

Subsidized Training and Employment Program (Step Up)

This program offers wage subsidies and training grants to employers that hire unemployed jobseekers. Step Up features another program that specifically targets former military personnel and is similar to a wage subsidy program.

Connecticut State Board of Labor Relations

An agency set up the State of Connecticut that investigates all petitions and complaints holds informal conferences with the parties in conflict and tries to mediate them. Read more by clicking the link above.

Connecticut State Board of Mediation and Arbitration

An agency set up by the State of Connecticut to provide mediations and arbitration services to employers. The Board’s mediation services are primarily for the settlement of public and private sector grievances and contract, while the Board’s arbitration services are primarily for when there is a dispute over the application or interpretation of the terms of a written collective bargaining agreement. Read more by clicking on the link above.

Connecticut Career Fairs

Find employees through some of the many career fairs throughout the state that are held several times a year by the Department of Labor.

Hire Vets First!

Here are a number of resources available to employers to encourage them to hire veterans and those returning from military service.

Shared Work CT

A voluntary program that helps employers during business downturns by providing an alternative to layoffs. The program allows the employer to reduce work hours for an entire group of affected employees rather than laying off some of them.

Connecticut Rapid Response Team

A team created by the state to ease the impacts of layoffs and to assure that workers are offered the benefits and services they need. Find information on the Rapid Response Team and their early intervention packets and webinars here.

Career One Stop

A national resource for both employees and employers. They provide information on employee training, finding employees, and other important resources.

Connecticut Business Leadership Network (CTBLN)

A coalition of Connecticut employers that are working together to increase employment opportunities for people with disabilities. They specialize in promoting best business practices and providing guidance in Reasonable Accommodation and ADA Compliance.

New Hire Reporting CT

All CT employers are required to report all newly-hired employees within 20 days of hiring them. Use this online portal to report them.


A national movement to improve educational success for every child from cradle to career through cross-sector partnerships and solutions. Several CT organizations have gotten on board, including the United Way of Coastal Fairfield County.

SCORE of Fairfield County

The Fairfield County chapter of SCORE is a group of more than 100 volunteer professionals that offer to share their experience with new and growing entrepreneurs. They offer classes and private sessions on subjects ranging from general management and business planning to public relations and community services. SCORE Fairfield offers business counseling in seven different languages, including Spanish.