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Fast Facts about Stamford


Most Populous City in Connecticut


Population (2017) 


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Median Household Income (2016)


Median age (2016) 


Population with a college degree (2016)

Over the past decade, the growth of Stamford’s diversity, culture, and new residential developments has attracted a younger population who value all of the amenities of city living that Stamford has to offer. Education levels among Stamford’s workforce have increased significantly, due in part to an influx of educated workers, quality employee training programs, and an overall expansion of the resident labor force.
Source: 2012-2017 American Community Survey 5-Year Estimates

From 2010-2017, Stamford was the fastest growing city in the state. With a growth rate of 6.67% over seven years, the population increased to almost 131,000 people. Stamford became the second largest city in the State of Connecticut in 2019, surpassing New Haven’s shrinking population of 129,900. The rapid growth can be attributed to the recent residential developments in Harbor Point and the Downtown neighborhoods, an expanding business presence, and excellent school districts.

Racial Diversity

Stamford is home to a diverse population and is a prime example of the American Melting Pot. The mixing of cultures has made Stamford a hotbed for innovation and creativity, as well as some of the best cuisines in the area. A diversified workforce is likely to have different skills and mindsets, which in turn are positively correlated with business, technological and cultural innovation. Cultural diversity, along with high technological capabilities, contributes to the vibrancy of regional business networks and entrepreneurship.

Age and Gender

Stamford largest population sectors are men aged 20-34 and women aged 25-39. The median age of Stamford is 36.7 years old, which is one of the lowest median ages in Connecticut. Part of what attracts our younger population is the amenities available in many of the apartment buildings throughout the city, the strong academic performance of our public schools, a large number of employment opportunities, and the access to other major metropolitan hubs such as New York, Boston, and Philadelphia.



Mean Household Income (2016)


Median Household Income (2016)

Stamford has seen a rapid increase in both the mean and median household income over the past 8 years. The State of Connecticut has the fifth highest median household income in the country at $71,000. With a mean household income of over $128,000 and a median of over $81,000, Stamford has a higher median household income than every state in the US.

Educational Attainment

The State of Connecticut has one of the highest rates of educational attainment in the country. 38% of the population has a bachelor’s degree or higher, ranking CT as the 4th highest state for educational attainment; and about 17% of the population has a graduate degree, making us the 3rd 'Smartest' state. Stamford follows closely in the state’s footsteps for seeing the value in a strong education system. Almost 90% of Stamford’s population have a high school degree, while almost 50% hold a Bachelor's degree or higher, and 21% have earned an advanced Graduate degree.