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Harbor Point

"Stamford CT, Right Where You Want to Be"

Stamford is a mecca for people from all walks of life; from tech-savvy coders to innovative chefs to creative thinkers and more! While Stamford has been dubbed "Wall Street North" for the large banking and finance sector, it offers so much more than that. Stamford has 8 major coworking and incubator spaces and with over 16 million square feet of office space in various buildings and neighborhoods, Stamford has the shared space you need to start your business, and the large offices once you're ready to expand. With corporate parks surrounded by lush green forests, luxury office buildings overlooking the picturesque Long Island Sound and expansive, convenient offices located just steps away from the Stamford Train Station, every company can find the space they are dreaming of in Stamford.  

Once a hard day of work is over, Stamford's hundreds of amenities and activities mean you won’t have to look far to eat, party, or just unwind and relax. With thousands of new apartment complexes being developed throughout the city, you can have all the modern luxuries you crave and expansive floor plans at every price point. North Stamford is a haven for those who require respite from a bustling downtown urban life, or for families that desire large homes and an excellent school system. Or do you further your education? UConn Stamford has recently expanded their programming, offering more variety right in Downtown; Programs range from business to nursing, to computer science and digital media.

Moving your family or your company to Stamford has never made more sense than right now! With options and amenities for everyone, plus the added convenience of direct train access to New York City, Boston, and Philadelphia, you can also tap into some of the most innovative talent in the country. In short, 'Stamford CT' really is 'Right Where You Want to Be.'