With Stamford’s great location, close-knit community, and educated workforce, it is no wonder why many major companies have chosen our city as a home for their businesses. Stamford offers the small-town charm with the big-city amenities. With a growing, young workforce, Stamford continues to provide the educated, highly skilled workers these businesses need to succeed. Need help finding a job in Stamford? Use (they're headquartered in Stamford, too)!

Top Businesses 

Stamford is home to three Fortune 500 and eight Fortune 1000 companies and supports some of Connecticut’s most prestigious businesses. Along with many regional branches, the headquarters of many prominent companies such as Charter Communications, Synchrony Financial, and Vineyard Vines call Stamford home. Stamford boasts an impressive list of finance, insurance, management, real estate, digital media, health, and consumer goods companies. By fostering some of the top businesses in the country, Stamford has created an atmosphere of success and competition that drives the best to do even better. Head to our Business Sectors page to see more of our local companies.

2019 Fortune 1000 Companies

Charter Communications (Fortune Global 500 #264)70
Synchrony Financial173
United Rentals379
Silgan Holdings581
Pitney Bowes 659
Crane Co.706

2019 Top 25 Employers

Coworking and Incubator SpacesFlavorism


TronoxStamford’s workforce has been increasing not only in population but as well as education levels thanks to the school system and major university branches of UCONN, Sacred Heart, and Cornell Veterinary, and Bridgeport provided here. Stamford has been providing a variety of worker training programs and was able to have a great impact on the workforce since it was able to significantly increase Stamford’s workforce population and an overall expansion of the resident labor force. Stamford will be able to greatly improve thanks to the young, talented, and bright workers of the next generation.

Stamford Business Portal 

Launched in 2014, the Stamford business portal is an easy to use website for present and future residents looking to grow or launch their businesses in Stamford. The website allows for business owners to navigate the steps that it takes to develop their own small business, with the help of our local and state government. The website opens the door for people in Stamford to stake their claim as a business in the best city possible.